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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. we have some developing news out of the middle east this hour. israel and hamas have agreed to call a halt to the fiercest round of fighting in nearly four years there. the truce took effect about an hour ago. you're looking live now at gaza city at this hour. cbs reporter danielle nottingham is live at the white house with more. >> reporter: good afternoon. just when it looked like a deal would not happen anytime soon, secretary of state hillary clinton traveled to jerusalem to west bank and to cairo and at this hour a truce is under
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way. secretary of state hillary clinton and egypt's foreign minister announced a truce between israel and hamas. >> the united states welcomes the agreement today for a cease- fire in gaza. for it to hold, the rocket attacks must end. a broader calm returned. >> reporter: the agreement follows a week of fighting between israel and palestinian militants controlling the gaza strip. clinton says the united states will help the region make this agreement last. >> ultimately, every step must move us toward a comprehensive peace for all the people of the region. >> reporter: the truce calls for israel to ease restrictions at the gaza border. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu agreed to a cease- fire after president obama called and urged him to give it a chance. earlier wednesday, an explosion tore through a bus in a busy section of tel aviv. emergency crews rushed to the scene to treat the injured.
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hamas has not claimed responsibility but praised the attack. today the white house called the bus bomb in tel aviv a terrorist attack and reaffirmed the u.s. commitment to israel's security. during the fighting, hamas fired more than 1,000 rockets into israel and israel launched more than 1500 attacks including air strikes killing more than 140 people in gaza. the white house says the president called egypt's president and netanyahu to commend them for working together. under the cease-fire agreement, hamas has agreed not to fire rockets into israel and israel agreed to end its policy of assassinating top militant leaders. danielle nottingham, back to you. >> thank you. a massive clean-up is under way at ocean beach in san francisco right now. a large section of the beach may have been contaminated with raw sewage. around 1 a.m., crews discovered
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a manhole cover at the great highway at balboa street just overwhelmed with rainwater and leaking. they shut down the area around the intersection and are working to clean up and get it decontaminated. >> it's about 90% stormwater, 10% sewage, and because it had that 10% sewage, we had to block off these areas for public health reasons. >> public utility crews expect the area will be back open sometime tomorrow. fog is the last thing you want to see if you are traveling this holiday weekends but unexpected clouds have left travelers stranded in airports across the country. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at sfo with some good news for bay area passengers. >> reporter: good afternoon, michelle. now, sfo i want to make note was one of those eight airports that the "huffington post" listed to avoid this holiday season but clearing it's not living up to that hype. it appears that our bay area travelers will get to their holiday destinations on time.
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when you think of thanksgiving travel you think this. lines, waiting and delays. this is denver international airport. frustrated holiday flyers are grounded. fog backed up chicago's normally backed up airport. here at san francisco, no fog, no waiting, no delays. >> today we have the operation mostly on time. >> reporter: the volume is expected to be higher than last year. but what is surprising for flyers is the on time departures across the board. >> we just left a couple hours earlier than expected. so we're here on time and it looks like it will be an easy day so far. >> reporter: the general rule of thumb on busy days like these is to come to the airport earlier. most travelers we spoke to say this has helped move things along smoothly so far. >> we're not super worried just because we're here so early and flying to boston just got our fingers crossed and hope our luck holds. >> reporter: a new study says adults in san francisco are
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more likely to have plans this holiday season than in any other city. and that's translating to our airport. sfo reps say these crowds aren't dying down any time soon. >> it's going to be a steady day of traffic so we have early morning rush as you would call it. we will have another one midday and then of course well into the evening hours. >> reporter: the faa website was down all morning with so many people trying to check their departure times. i spoke with people here at the airport. they say the best bet is to contact your airline directly or you can just give them a call and, michelle, i just checked the boards right before the show. everything is listed as on time so far. live at sfo, back to you. >> so far, so good. all right, cate, thank you. but that could change later tonight. right, lawrence? >> we may see a little fog developing tonight but the good news is after a very stormy night and early morning, it looks like things are beginning to taper off. even seeing some partly cloudy skies developing. still a couple of scattered light showers showing up at least in parts of the north bay just some pop-up showers and
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most of those are over the tops of the mountains. so things beginning to settle down. but very impressive as the storm system moved in and we had some pretty good rainfall the last 24 hours. over 2" of rainfall in the santa cruz mountains at ben lomond, almost an inch even in san francisco, over half inch in concord and half inch in redwood city and .2" in san jose. so it looks like things settling down here and if you are traveling, not bad, no delays at sfo to report. some partly cloudy skies across the country looking good, too. we have a couple of clouds but 81 degrees and warm in houston. 75 in denver. 59 degrees in chicago. even new york just a couple of leftover clouds, 50 degrees. right now smooth sailing so far, guys. that's the latest from here. back to you. >> we'll take it that way. okay, lawrence, thanks. a man is dead after being struck by two cars while he was crossing a busy san jose intersection this morning. as cbs 5 reporter anne makovec explains, police are still piecing together clues to find one of the drivers who fled the scene. >> a lot of accident happen in
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here many time before. >> reporter: a neighborhood that has seen two pedestrians die this year is trying to make sense of a hit-and-run. it was dark and rainy at 6 a.m. when a man crossing alum rock was hit. the driver kept going leaving the man lying in the road. seconds later a second vehicle hit him. >> at approximately 6:14 a.m., they pronounced the victim deceased. >> reporter: police are now looking for the hit-and-run driver. >> all we have on that vehicle is it's a dark colored sedan, unknown make and model. >> reporter: the driver of the second vehicle stopped and cooperated with police. this person works across the street. >> i saw a lot of police car and ambulance come here and i don't know what happen. i'm very scared because many, many time accident in here, yeah. >> reporter: he remembers an elderly woman who died nearby crossing jackson street a couple of months ago. neither victim was using the crosswalk. both happened in the early-
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morning hours. >> with the conditions the way that they are dark, lowlighting maybe, and i'm not sure what the victim was wearing, but those are things that we look at when we're investigating these types of crimes. >> reporter: this is san jose's 25th traffic fatality of the year. in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5. across the bay now on this wednesday, divers recovered a man's body from a quarry in oakland early this morning. investigators believe the man may have been out in the rain last night searching for his cab when he slipped on the slope and fell into the quarry. the port of oakland back in business after yesterday's brief strike. port officials and union workers agreed to resume stalled contract talks. still ahead, shoppers beware. your post-holiday returns could be rejected this year. >> some retailers are tracking your returns. why you might get red flagged coming up on the consumerwatch. >> pirates. >> rrrr. >> and before you break the
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bank on this year's biggest toys, it turns out the box may be better. one teacher's experiment and shocking results. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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steamed up.. protestors were unable to stop a ban on nudy in san francisco.. the cit's board of shame on you! >> despite stripping down and getting a little steamed up, protestors were unable to stop a ban on nudity in san francisco. the city's board of supervisors approved the ban yesterday. bill sponsor scott weiner says there needs to be a balance between the rights of nudists and the rights of people who don't really want to see so much of them. >> taking your pants off at castro market and displaying your genitals to everyone, that's not free expression. >> starting in february, first time violators will face a $100 fine. a third offense would cost $500
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and a year in jail. there may be no more hope for hostess after all. mediations between the company and the workers failed yesterday. the issue now will go back to court where a judge will have to sign off on the company's liquidation. hostess filed for bankruptcy after it was crippled by a strike earlier this month. other companies have already expressed interest in acquiring the rights to some of hostess' products like twinkies and what not. >> ho ho's a. >> and dingdongs. >> and cupcakes. a word of warning as you check off your holiday shopping list. retail, are tracking what you take back. >> yeah. for those serial returners, they are on to you. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains how stores know who you are. reporter: when you make a return this holiday season, you may have to hand over more than just your receipt. >> i was required to provide them a copy of my driver's license where they actually took the information and scanned it into their database. >> reporter: two years ago, leslie told the children's place she was uncomfortable giving them her id just to make
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an exchange. the children's place told her, it's corporate policy. >> we can't do any returns without an actual id. >> reporter: a policy that's becoming more common. victoria's secret requires a photo i.d. which with or without a receipt. 62% of retailers have similar policies. so where does your information go? well, likely here to the retail equation, a service which tracks how often you bring stuff back and identifies habitual returners. the retail equation says return fraud and renting -- buying an item to wear and return -- costs the industry billions each year. so they are tracking you and all of your returns at all of the stores in their database. do it too often and you may lose your right to bring back your purchases anywhere. >> they have no right, in my view, of swiping my driver's license. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier believes the policies are an invasion of privacy and that retailers are
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gaming the system. california civil code currently allows retailers to swipe your id when investigating fraud, abuse or misrepresentation. but speier believes a legitimate return does not fall into those categories. >> i will never let someone scan my driver's license. >> reporter: now, that's not always an option. if the store prominently posts the id requirement in its return policy, then it's warned you before perform abiding by state law and you will likely have to hand over your id or skip the return. and if you are ever told you're not allowed to make a returnings you have likely been flagged as a serial returner. go to for a link to your return activity report and the retail exchange. just to clarify, many stores including the children's place only require an id without a receipt. if you have the receipt, they won't scan you. >> you can actually get a return activity report if you are a serial returner? >> reporter: it's primarily for folks who have been denied. so if you haven't been denied, you can try. but they may not have one for you. >> righted read the fine print on the back of the -- read the
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fine print on the back of the receipt. >> that's a lot of fine print. how about some weather? mr. lawrence karnow, we have a bit of a wet start but things are looking up. >> yeah. things are looking up nicely if you are traveling now. i think things are drying out nicely, too. high-def doppler radar showing you things quieting down. of course, we had a lot of activity early on today. a lot of rain showing up outside, some gusty winds overnight. but pop-up showers over the mountaintops but otherwise we're drying out, beautiful clouds cumulus clouds floating on through. temperatures right now running into the 60s outside. fairly mild right now toward mount diablo. some of the clouds continuing. otherwise, we're drying those things out and looks like tonight we could see some low clouds and some fog. going to have to watch out for that. but dry days are ahead for the foreseeable future. we have a trough along the west coast here bringing with it the cold front that brought the stormy weather. but high pressure sneaking in behind it now. so as it builds in, we are
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drying things out for the remainder of the afternoon and it looks like the days ahead. showers moving out maybe a couple of patches of fog developing overnight into tomorrow morning. that's the worst that we have to worry about. otherwise, we have some dry days ahead and some nice weather. in fact, if we mix out the fog we'll see some decent temperatures too. still a chance of lingers showers into the sacramento valley. snow in the high country. winter weather advisories at 7,000 feet upwards of 5" of snow. gusts of wind up to 65 miles an hour. trees blowing pretty good there. more snow on the way in the high country and then things will settle down. temperatures around the bay area today, 60s for highs, fairly mild. as we look through the holiday, looking pretty good. we'll warm those temperatures up on friday and saturday. staying dry it looks like into monday and tuesday. but here's the good news. i know a lot of folks out there traveling.
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you know, my family likes to go out and have a picnic on thanksgiving. it will be a great day to do it, temperatures in the 70s, sunny and mild. watch for ground fog in the early-morning hours. >> you take the turkey with you? >> we put the turkey in a cooler and take it out. it keeps the turkey warm. >> that's a good idea. >> then you have a cold turkey. >> that's not what we want for thanksgiving. [ laughter ] >> not at all. thanks. it could make christmas cost left but kids like to play with the box more than the toys. the surprising results of an experiment. >> the mascot of thanksgiving makes his turkey day pick. who he sees winning across the nfl tomorrow. looks like detroit might have a winner. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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treat diabetes.. may also hp those with alzheimers.. in today's healthwatch, a new study shows a drug used to treat diabetes may also help those with alzheimer's. researchers in texas tested the insulin drug on mice with alzheimer's and they found it reduced the effect of alzheimer's on a key brain signalling molecule. improving memory and learning. clinical trials on people are already under way. heading to the airport this holiday season you may be breathing in massive amounts of secondhand smoke. the center for disease control says air quality around those designated areas in airports is five times worse than the air
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in smoke-free airports. the extra pounds with obesity may protect against depression. that's the finding of a study up in canada. researchers found that a gene that predisposes a person to obesity is also linked to a lower risk of mental health disorders. when your kid wants a new toy you may want to consider giving him a box instead. a teacher in ohio has taken all the toys and other learning materials of his classroom and replaced them with raw materials like cardboard boxes, foam and paper. the teacher says the kids surprised him. >> not one of them complained about not having the toys. and it was actually cool because some of the quieter kids actually got to show leadership roles in projects. kids who had trouble separating from their parents in the morning or just were quieter in the classroom we have seen them become leaders and seen them grow. >> the cardboard experiment has been going on for about a week and the teacher says he will
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stick with it of course, until the kids get bored which is probably 10 minutes later. >> or a day or two later. bring the toys back. >> no kidding. it's what we've all been waiting for. the president picking the turkey for his annual thanksgiving day pardon. that's coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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your dishes that you make together with cute peppers. >> we are using the smaller tri- color peppers because they are sweeter and they cut and look nicer in a dish. so we are sauteeing the peppers with actually whole red peppers. i like to cook with these when i zimmer because the flavor bursts. >> then take them out. >> don't eat them. so now we'll add some rice. >> beautiful. >> we are going to right in with the peppers and then right after that you just slowly drizzle some balsamic on there. >> i'm to add a little bit of rice water. >> it's like pasta water with some starch to it. >> then add crushed mint. i like the mint because the refreshness of the mint on the spice of the peppers. >> a little artichoke hearts on top. >> make sure they're cold. >> you have some great balances
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of flavor going on. >> it's a lot of different flavors at one time. >> stephanie teaching me so many things. thank you, sweetheart. >> thank you, dad. >> that looks so good. >> my stomach is growling. >> ready. thanksgiving calories don't have to be wasted. in tonight's healthwatch, dr. kim shows us the turkey day menu items that are packed with nutrition, coming up at 5:00. san francisco's world series champs are adding a little orange to black friday. single game tickets for next season already going on sale starting friday at 10:00. tickets start as low as 8 bucks and they will be on sale until midnight christmas eve. after that windows sales for tickets will resume in february and we think that might be a hot little gift this year. >> i think so. so what's thanksgiving without a little football, right? you don't have to wait to see though who is going to win the big game tomorrow because we already know. >> we do. ♪ [ music ] >> that's all thanks to this guy jimmy junior part of the wild turkey bourbon challenge. he picked the winner of the
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thanksgiving day nfl matchup in detroit. jimmy likes the home team pick the lions over the texans. bold prediction. >> no kidding. we'll see. >> dip it in the bourbon. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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1 >> stephanie: (sighs) >> brooke: how does that feel? >> stephanie: (sighs) >> brooke: have the pain meds kicked iye

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